Project Design


HydrateLife projects are centered on the ideas of sustainability, environmental stewardship, and the use of appropriate technologies.  A lot of our projects are in remote, rural areas, where spare parts or replacement equipment is hard to come by.  We counter that by using labor from within the community to build appropriate projects with locally available material.  Then, if something does go wrong, they are able to fix it themselves, and quickly.

Alternatively, when this concept is not followed, projects can fall into disrepair.  This can happen when something breaks and the community can’t afford to pay to fix it, and so that equipment is no longer used and things go back to the way they were before the project.  Further, for communities in remote areas getting replacement parts can take weeks (or longer), during which time they may have to go back to drinking dirty water or not practicing proper hygiene. We never want that to happen, which is why HydrateLife projects are built the way they are.

With this said, HydrateLife understands that not all projects can be remedied this way.  Some water may be so dirty that it needs a more robust filtering system.  Or the source may be so far away that pumps are required to move the water into the community.  If we come into a situation like this we will look at our options, and decide, with the community, the best route forward.

Finally, the environment is always on our minds here at HydrateLife, and when we design a project we always do it in a way that will have the least impact on the plants and animals that live in the vicinity.