Our Projects

At HydrateLife we are committed to providing sustainable, appropriate, and environmentally friendly projects every time.   Please follow the links below for more information. Our Process   Surveying the Community          Community Water Council          Project Design Education          Community Involvement          Safety          Monitoring Although every project we work on is different, the process used to find and execute a solution is mostly the same.continue reading

The Problem

The water and sanitation crisis is a vast and complicated problem, impacting billions of people every day.  For those with access to water, a large percentage are sickened by the water they drink.  Others become sick because of poor sanitation and hygiene.  However, people’s health is not the only concern. When children are sick they can’t go to school, missing out on important lessons, and putting them behind.  When adults are sick they can’t go to work, leading to the loss of wages.continue reading

Our Solution

Here at HydrateLife our mission is simple; fund, design, and build sustainable, appropriate, and environmentally friendly projects that bring clean water, proper sanitation, and good hygiene to rural communities without these basic necessities.  We work with like-minded organizations in-country who are able to be on the ground, facilitating, and bringing the design to fruition. All of our projects are different because one of the most important aspects of every project is that it is appropriate to the location and community being served. Ourcontinue reading

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