Our Approach


Community involvement is the most important component of a successful and long lasting project. That’s why community members are involved in every aspect of our projects; from planning, to building, to maintaining it. Follow the links below for more information about how the community is involved.

Surveying the Community                    Community Water Council

Community Involvement 




Without education there is no chance for positive change within a community. We teach the communities we work in how water quality, sanitation, and hygiene impact their lives so that they understand why the changes being made are necessary. Only after understanding where the problems come from, and what solutions exist, will people truly support the project.  Follow the link below for more information about our education program.





Members of the community will complete the bulk of the labor needed on the project. This hands-on involvement is key to fostering a sense of ownership of the project among the community. It also helps to lower costs, meaning we can complete more projects with the donations we receive.  Follow the links below for more information about how our projects are built.

Project Design                    Construction                  Monitoring


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