Meet Our Staff

Brian Luenow

Brian is the Founder and President of HydrateLife, and loves all things water. He spent several years working in the construction industry after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a BS in Construction Management. And while he loved the challenges that came with planning, designing, and building his projects, he felt unfulfilled in his work, and began paying more attention to social and environmental issues.

After watching a short documentary, The World Toilet Crisis, about the sanitation situation in some areas of India, Brian was shocked. As he read more about the water and sanitation issues facing millions of people around the world he realized what a huge problem this was. How had he never heard about it? How many others hadn’t?

No problem can be resolved if no one knows about it, and it was out of this belief that HydrateLife was born. was a means to distribute information about the water and sanitation crisis through articles researched and authored by Brian. For the next couple of years Brian wrote articles for HydrateLife, and also joined the board of WaterEmpowerment, a non-profit that works on water and sanitation issues in Zambia.

From the moment Brian first created HydrateLife, he knew that he wanted to get involved, not just informing the public, but taking it a step further in working to organize and fund community based projects that made a positive difference. With the experience gained both from his research and writing, as well as serving on the board of WaterEmpowerment, he decided the time was right to take that next step. Which brings us to today, and to HydrateLife, a 501c.3 non-profit charity working to bring clean water and proper sanitation to communities without such luxuries.

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