HydrateLife is currently working in the small town of Candelaria Arriba, Colombia, where there are multiple water, sanitation, and hygiene issues. However, the most pressing issue facing the people there is the lack of clean water. Another major problem is that the elementary school lacks any water at all. With that in mind, we’re excited to be launching two fundraising campaigns that will make these concerns a thing of the past for the people of Candelaria Arriba.

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And now, without any further delay…


During the wet season people get water either by harvesting rainwater at home via makeshift systems, or collecting water from an earthen reservoir they share with cows and horses. And yes, that means there is cow and horse waste in the water. During the dry season the reservoir is their only option.

In any case, none of this water is safe to drink, and often leads to sickness. But with a simple ceramic filter the people of Candelaria Arriba can have clean drinking water.

With your help we can provide every household and every classroom with a ceramic water filter, and clean drinking water for years to come.  Plus, these filters are made right there in Colombia, meaning you’ll also be helping a local company.

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Candelaria Arriba has a small public elementary school with 85 students. The school is very basic; five classrooms, two bathrooms, and a hand-washing station. However, they have no water at the school.

At some point, a government body in Colombia installed a water storage tank at the school and connected it to the bathroom, but never installed the rainwater harvesting system they were supposed to. This means the tank has never been full, this system has never been used, and there is no water at the school.

This is not okay. Countless studies have shown that a lack of water at school significantly hinders the education and health of students, especially girls. The addition of a rainwater harvesting system will provide a reliable source of water for the school, and help to create a safe and comfortable environment for the kids.


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