Water Treatment

The Nadi Filter

If you’ve been following my blog you may have read a while back about Rus Alit who is well known for his work helping communities to get clean water through appropriate technologies.  If you didn’t read that article appropriate technology is any technology that is simple and doesn’t use any outside energy source like fuel or electricity and uses materials that are available locally and can be made locally.  I had never heard about appropriate technology before writing the articlecontinue reading

Cool Water Products: Puralytic’s SolarBag 3L

Puralytic’s SolarBag 3L is a great invention that I stumbled upon while researching another project.  This product, which is basically a thick plastic bag with a filter and nanotechnology coated mesh insert, will get rid of bacteria, viruses, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, lead, and mercury among other things.  They used a number of organizations to do third party testing and the results are all very positive.  Here’s the report if you’d like to take a look www.puralytics.com/files/solarBagTestReport.pdf.  It’s also verycontinue reading

Dr. Ashok Gadgil – UV Waterworks

Dr. Ashok Gadgil  – UV Waterworks This is the first in a series of profiles about people who are making a change in the world of water conservation and sanitation, and why not start with someone who has fostered big change throughout the world, Dr. Ashok Gadgil. Dr. Gadgil started his education with theoretical physics, getting a M.Sc. from IIT, Kanpur in India where he was born. He soon found that he wanted to learn a science that he could use tocontinue reading

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