Our Projects

At HydrateLife we are committed to providing sustainable, appropriate, and environmentally friendly projects every time.  

Please follow the links below for more information.

Our Process

  Surveying the Community          Community Water Council          Project Design Education          Community Involvement          Safety          Monitoring Although every project we work on is different, the process used to find and execute a solution is mostly the same.  Below you will find a summary of our process.  For more information please follow the links found within the summary. Every project starts with a surveycontinue reading

Pilot Project – Candelaria

We’re so excited that our pilot project is located in Candelaria, Colombia! Candelaria is a small, close knit community made up of 146 families, and 730 people. It is located in the north of Colombia, about 7 miles inland from the Caribbean coast, and is surrounded by rolling hills, open plains, and tropical wetlands. The people of this community are mainly subsistence farmers, growing the food they need, and a little to sell. Candalaria has a tropical climate, with ancontinue reading

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