Project Design


One of the most important aspects of every project is that it is appropriate to the location and community being served, and because of this all of our projects are different in some way. However, as a driving principle, all of our projects use simple construction methods, and locally available resources.

We think this is important because technologically-advanced systems are not appropriate in rural communities where it could require weeks to obtain spare parts. This translates to weeks without clean water, weeks without proper sanitation, and weeks of greater disease transmission. If the community can fix the problem themselves it will cut this time significantly.

By using appropriate technologies we are also ensuring that the community can maintain the system themselves, and will continue to benefit from the project for many years to come. Another benefit is that it is easy for the community to share the ideas behind the project with their neighbors, who could potentially replicate the system for their own community.

However, we do understand that in some instances more advanced technologies could be the best way to proceed.  In cases where a more simple technology can’t solve the problem at hand, we will evaluate if the use of a more advanced technology is the proper course to follow.

Finally, the environment is always on our minds here at HydrateLife, and when we design a project we always do it in a way that will have the least impact on the plants and animals that live in the vicinity.

Examples of potential projects include sand filters, rainwater harvesting, and composting toilets.


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