Education After the Project


Education after the project is not for the entire community.  This is when we’ll be training select members of the community on the maintenance of the project. HydrateLife projects will require periodic maintenance once they are up and running, and the jobs vary significantly in required skill level.

There are simpler jobs, such as refilling the soap, making sure there is enough toilet paper, or keeping the area around the well clean.

There are also jobs that will require more responsibility and skill, such as monitoring the health of the community’s water supply, which will be left to members of the Community Water Council.   Members of the council will be trained on the operation and maintenance of all aspects of the project, including water systems, hygiene facilities, sanitation facilities, and any other components of the project that could require maintenance at some time.  Once these people are trained the work schedule will be coordinated by the Community Water Council.

Once all of the training is completed the community will be able to maintain their system, in its entirety, on their own, keeping them healthy, and happy, for many years to come.

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