APFAMGS: Teaching Farmers to Use Groundwater Sustainably

In an effort to always be learning something new that’s going on in the world of water I spend a lot of time searching the internet and reading various studies and articles.  This week I came upon a very interesting program that was done in the Andhra Pradesh region of India.  The program, which is appropriately called the Andhra Pradesh Farmer Managed Groundwater Systems (APFAMGS), covered 638 villages in seven districts that are prone to drought (Anantapur, Chittoor, Cuddapah, Kurnool,continue reading

Pakistan, Flooding, and Agroforestry

Pakistan is a place with an extreme climate that can go from scorching hot to cold pounding rains throughout the year.  The hottest temperature on the continent of Asia and the fourth highest temperature in the world was recorded in Pakistan at 128.3 F.  It also deals with cyclones and tornados with the onset of the monsoon season from April to July.  However, the most devastating climate related event may be the flooding in Pakistan. In 1950 flooding killed 2,910continue reading

Water Saving Technologies: Film Farming

I recently ran across an article on an amazing new technology being introduced in the farming industry called film farming.  This system was released by Dubai-based owners Agricel back in March, but has been in development for a number of years.  Realizing that the world will be facing water and food shortages in the coming years Agricel wanted to come up with a solution, and it looks like they did.  This technology reduces the amount of water and fertilizer neededcontinue reading

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