Continuing Education

Our education prior to the project dealt with where the community’s problems were coming from, and potential solutions. Now, one of those solutions have been selected, and the project is underway. During this time we’ll aim to teach the community how to put what they learned into practice.

What does that look like? It looks like teaching people how to use sanitation facilities, and how to properly wash their hands after using the bathroom. It is also menstrual hygiene education (which the men will also be invited to attend). From there the material gets more specific to the community, and therefore, could cover any number of topics.

We may be teaching people how to properly store water, and keep it from becoming contaminated, how the pump at the top of the well being constructed works, or how to harvest the water collected by their fog catchers. It really could be anything since each project will be tailored to the community’s needs.

But, whatever it is, we will always make sure that the community knows how to use every aspect of the project so that they are able to get the most out of it, and if need be, teach others.

If you missed the section talking about education prior to the start of the project, you can read about it here. To read about how our education program continues after the project, please click here.


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