Our Solution

Here at HydrateLife our mission is simple; fund, design, and build sustainable, appropriate, and environmentally friendly projects that bring clean water, proper sanitation, and good hygiene to rural communities without these basic necessities.  We work with like-minded organizations in-country who are able to be on the ground, facilitating, and bringing the design to fruition.

All of our projects are different because one of the most important aspects of every project is that it is appropriate to the location and community being served. Our projects use simple construction methods, and locally available resources. Technologically-advanced systems are not appropriate in rural communities where it could require weeks to obtain spare parts. This translates to weeks without clean water, weeks without proper sanitation, weeks of greater disease transmission. We will cut that time significantly. Examples of potential projects include: sand filters, rainwater harvesting, and composting toilets.

By doing this we are ensuring that the community can maintain the system themselves, and will continue to benefit from the project for many years to come. Another benefit of installing projects that utilize appropriate technology is that it is easy for the community to share the ideas behind the project with neighbors, who could potentially replicate the system for their own community.

However, we do understand that in some instances advanced technology could be the best way to proceed.  In cases where a more simple technology can’t solve the problem at hand, we will evaluate if the use of a more advanced technology is the proper course to follow.

Something else that comes along with every project is a community education program. Here at HydrateLife we know that habits are hard to change. And if you don’t understand why your habits are harmful, you’re not going to change them. For example, if you’ve been going to the bathroom down by the creek your entire life, the same creek the community drinks from, you wouldn’t change your behavior unless someone taught you that your actions are harming the health of the community. Our education program will teach the community about the dangers of drinking polluted water, and the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene.

One of the most important aspects is community involvement. Whether it’s being part of the Community Water Council, helping with labor on the project, or just simply coming to our community meetings, most, if not all, of the community is involved in every project. We believe this is essential because if people are involved in the process from the beginning, then they are part of the project, part of the decision making, part of the design, part of their future. Generally, when this happens, the completed project reflects the community, and becomes a source of pride, which ensures that the project is cared for by the community, leading to long-term project success.

Finally, before we leave at the end of the project we train members of the community to maintain every aspect of the project. And, although we will be there to assist the community at any time, we will also put together a monitoring plan, checking in with them periodically to check if they need any further assistance.

With your support we can continue serving those who need our assistance, and help them become healthy, thriving, and happy communities.

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