Start Your Weekend off Right! (with Link)

With your help we can bring water to the elementary school in Candelaria Arriba, Colombia.

It already has the nice water storage tank shown in the picture above. That tank was installed by the government a couple of years ago. However, it’s never been filled because the government didn’t build a rainwater harvesting system like they were supposed, but we can change that.

Countless studies have shown that a lack of water at school negatively impacts the education of the students, especially girls. These kids deserve to have water for the bathrooms, water to wash their hands, and water to drink while they’re at school.


We’re hoping to raise $500 to install a rainwater harvesting system at the school.


Please follow the link below for more information and to make a donation. Any amount will help, and 100% of the donations to this campaign will go to the rainwater harvesting system. Thank you!


Start Your Weekend off Right! (with Link)

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