Happy World Water Day!

Happy World Water Day everyone! Today is a good day for some reflection. To remember that those of us with easy access to clean water are very lucky to have it, and to remember that there are millions of people just like us around the world without this luxury. Women who can’t work because they spend their days walking to collect water, kids who miss school because they’re sick from the water they drink, families stuck in the cycle of poverty because the effects of drinking dirty water keep them from prospering.
But it’s also a day to remember that it’s not all bad. There has been a lot of progress towards everyone in the world having access to clean water, and a lot of great organizations continue that work every day. But we can’t do it alone.
We need you to get involved. Talk to your friends and family about the crisis. Use social media to spread the word. Volunteer with an organization. Support an organization with a donation. Do whatever you can. Because we can only achieve clean water for all if we all help.
Happy World Water Day!

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