Pilot Project Country Selected


Hi everyone,

Just a quick note to announce that I have made a decision on where HydrateLife’s pilot project will be located.  I’ve known for a while that I wanted to work in Latin America, however, I hadn’t narrowed it down beyond that.  The past few weeks I’ve been reading through articles and studies on water and sanitation in Latin America, and looking over some statistics on coverage.  I found that Colombia has one of the largest rural populations at 11.6 million people, and around a third of these people don’t have access to clean water or improved sanitation facilities!  After a few other considerations I decided that Colombia would be the perfect place to start this journey.

Since the decision a couple of days ago I’ve been making some contacts in Colombia, and trying to decide exactly where in the country the project should be.  Stay tuned for an update on that in the future.

I also wanted to mention that we’re looking for volunteer board members, as well as volunteers to help out with other aspects of HydrateLife.  If you’re interested, or know someone who may be, please visit the volunteer page for more information.

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Pilot Project Country Selected

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