I’d like to introduce you to…


Hi everyone,

I’d like to introduce you to Eusebio Hernandez. Eusebio is the first of several people from Candelaria Arriba, Colombia that I’ll be introducing over the coming weeks.

Eusebio was born in Candelaria Arriba, close to where this picture was taken, and has lived there his entire life. While I was in Colombia I had a chance to sit down and talk with him at his home, where he lives with his wife and two children.

Eusebio told me that nothing has changed with their water situation since he was a kid, in other words, he’s never had clean water to drink, and up to this point, neither have his children.

He said he wants his children to be healthy and have clean water to drink, but for now they have no other option but to drink the water they have.

Not for long! Soon they’ll be drinking clean water, and living healthy lives! Want to be a part of making that happen? Stay tuned to hear about how you can help Eusebio, his family, and everyone in Candelaria Arriba!




I’d like to introduce you to…
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